Wednesday, April 30, 2008

waiting... waiting...

I have a touch of OCD I am afraid. I want to add more posts here to catch y'all up to what we have been doing but the pictures I want are on the imac. The very OLD imac.. which in my mind is STILL a superior machine to this Gateway but there was just more room on this one. SO.... I ordered a flash drive, jump drive.. external drive whatever the hell you call it from the motherland AMAZON.COM. It has 4 gigs and its like $20. What the hell!?! Isn't that great! As soon as it arrives I will begin the writing.. I want to do it in order you see. If I like it I will post the name and link to Amazon from here so you can get one too!

Monday, April 21, 2008


We have been here a couple weeks and have gotten so much done! We literally pulled the house down the other day! I have not been able to add stuff to the blog because the dial up we have is Bedrock Dial up... I feel like Wilma Flintstone! The fastest I have seen the dial up so far is 28k... that is just not going to work folks. It is amazing how angry one gets sitting waiting waiting for webpages to load. I have barely been able to do my email and have even resorted ::gasp:: to snail mail! So... we are getting the satellite sooner than later. Then I can update this blog, add pictures, tell about our harrowing trip across country etc. Please be patient with me as I am learning a new patience with running on Midwestern time.


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