Sunday, February 20, 2011

Conversations overheard

Conversations to be endured while working with the public that would not necessarily occur while working as a Deputy Probation Officer.  (Well.. might occur but the outcome would surely be different.)

4 Golfers fresh out of church.

Me:  Ok guys I need your first names.
Man 1: Ivan
Me: and yours?
Man 2: Fred
Me: yours?
Man 3: Peter
and then as Man 4 was talking I turned to Ivan and said what is his name.. pointing to Man 4.
Ivan:  Vagina
Me:  Really Ivan? And how do you spell that?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Misty Morning Walk

Things seen on a misty morning walk.

Hidden booze in the bridge rafters.

Moss .... Moss.. and more Moss...

Then something caught my eye... my first thought was a baby bird but then I looked closer
and saw My Little Pony.

Tree Moss

The 6th Green.

If you look close you may see smurfs under those dotted caps.

Paper Birch Bark trees shedding.

then at last...  Delta saw something that I didn't.

 Off she went.


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