Saturday, September 4, 2010


The planets have realigned for the most part and we are pleased. Well, relieved is a better word.  Please be assured that every weekend is not like the last one I blogged about but we now work with the public... and for those of you who have done that before in your lives you know exactly what I mean.

What is wonderful is that we have been fortunate with the weather and people are absolutely loving what David has been doing with the course.   He is exhausted.  

And now for the news update:

The neighbors were able to discover who did the damage to the course and with community pressure most of the young men who were responsible came forward.  Not only did they come forward but they apologized and so far David has put them two of them to work here at the course.  It turned out to be a kind of community service type thing.  At the end of their labor intensive activities David... being the kind man that he is... gave them a short golf lesson, played one hole with them, and let them play the second on their own.  I think his thought was to show them... this is their neighborhood course and we are their neighbors... and to treat the course and us with a little more care and respect.   I hope it worked.

Speaking of community pressure... 

As promised the 'elder Russians' took care of the 'younger swimmin' in the creek Russians'... at least one of them anyway.  One fellow called and apologized and asked if he could come back out to golf here because he loves the course.  He apologized to both myself and David again upon his arrival and brought three friends with him to golf.  He managed to stay dry this time.

The evicted tenant is gone...

both her and her POD have finally left the property.  
Hopefully, she will stay gone... and we happily have found a new tenant to replace her.

A brief interruption.... 
here is my latest addition to the stupid idea list: 
Microwave/fan combos over the stove.

WONDERFUL Recipes at Closet Cooking Blog
Now... I am not a microwave fan in the first place but putting them up high... above eye level so I have to reach up to load and unload stuff is a dumb idea.   I am not super tall but I am definitely not petite.  I figure if I have a problem seeing inside, cleaning it, pushing the buttons, etc then anyone under 5'7" is REALLY going to have a problem.  A problem perhaps like I did the other day.  I reached up to take something out and one corner was wicked hot.  I lost a handle on it and it came down out of the microwave and bounced off the counter which is waist high and sprayed boiling hot tomato-ie cheesy chili relleno sauce upward on to my arm and finally my face.  I could have ripped that damn microwave out of the wall and tossed it out the window had I not been trying to submerge my face in cold water at the time.   Had the microwave been just sitting on the counter it would have dropped couple inches and made a teeny splash or off onto the floor where it would have just splashed a bit on my pants... instead of my face.  So folks... for those remodeling.  Reallllllly think about this one. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but not so good in practice.

And now back on track... a couple of introductions:
So David has a couple of helpers out on the course and I may have mentioned them a few times... or not.. it has been so busy I have not written much lately.  We have a teenager. who comes to work for us now and then... he is just 16 years old and his name is Hayden.  He just got his drivers license.. I don't have a picture of him yet but here is his car.  

Note the "How's my driving" bumper sticker with his mother's phone number on it.  His mother put it on after he passed his driver's test that morning.  I think half joking and half not.  I don't know if he noticed it or not yet he was so excited  to be out driving.  He comes out to the course for a few hours a week and washes carts, does the garbage rounds, weed eats... just general clean up kind of help so David will not have to do it.  The only thing with Hayden is that we have to put Delta up when he comes.  He has dogs of his own so this is a bit of a mystery... but she will not have him around and thinks she should eat him.  She goes after him barking and every time she sees him.  She spots him across the parking lot and barks at him.  He has dogs so I dunno what the deal is.... but he is the only one she has done this too.  So... because she is not exactly teeny tiny we put her up when he is here working.

And here is Milo and Adam.  
 Adam is the night waterer and if we don't need water... he sometimes helps with mowing and miscellaneous things around the course.  Milo is the one with the mohawk.  

Milo bites.  


But he looooves Adam and Adam looooves him.  He is also getting used to David now and will actually let him pet him... this is the little dog David reached out to pet when we first took over and he took a chomp on his finger.  Milo had to be removed from David's hand while he started bleeding all over.  I have yet to try to pet him although he seems very friendly towards me.  I think I will wait a bit to try.  Milo does like Delta though and they play together.  He probably reminds her a little of of Cosmo the Magnificent and Sid & Travis my sisters Jack/Fox terriers.  Wicked but love-able little beasts all of them.    

And finally we are starting to see the end of the season coming.  Some of our regulars are planning their last few golf dates, some are planning their snowbird trips to Arizona and Mexico.  We have started looking at paint chips and carpet samples.  This winter will be a good time to update the interior here.  Now to decide on some colors!


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