Monday, November 8, 2010

Go ahead... be brave.

There is soooo much crap on tv now... All that seems to be available to watch is pushing and fighting and faux reality shows.  It's all a bit 'big-time wrestling with lets see how much we can humiliate ourselves or others' programming... 

Well folks...   enough already.

Here is something nice...  yes I said nice.

Just watch... enjoy...   smile.... notice how much these people are smiling... 
and have a good day-week-year-life.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


As the scene unfolds we find our hero relaxing, enjoying his afternoon... and then the phone rings.   
 Always at the ready, Super Donovan responds quickly as he knows he must.   
"Don't worry Momma and Auntie Bethy! I will be safe... but for now I must MAKE HASTE!"  
"I wonder what super power will be needed this time. Leaping tall buildings with a single bound?"
"Or perhaps bending steel?"
I think I know just what is needed..."

 Ladies and Gentlemem note the blinding speed with which Super Donovan moves... it is difficult to catch it on camera he is so fast!

"Well... my work here is done and my Momma said I did a great job with all that running and laughing business."  
A mere 5 minutes later we find our hero:


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