Monday, October 31, 2011

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Changes!

First the down and dirty nitty gritty:
For the past year and a half we have been managing a golf course...  more accurately we were involved in a lease option to purchase contract.  We had the opportunity to spend two years on the course, check out the business and the area and decide if we wanted to take the leap and purchase.   Well... to put it simply we found within just a few months after taking over that we would not be purchasing.  There were significant problems with the property and the business that were not disclosed to us.  Finally, it appeared to all parties involved that it would be best for us to be released early (8 months early) from our lease period.  The release papers were signed and we literally jumped in our pre-packed truck and trailer and drove away with dust billowing behind us.

Now the good part... the very good parts:
I am very close to my family again,
We are somewhere we have always enjoyed,
We can hear ocean waves crashing at night... 
and we have a new pretty big project on our hands!
Gotta find our hammers and paint brushes.

and by the way... 
Happy Halloween to you all!
We had our very first trick or treaters knocked on the door a few moments ago... two brothers perhaps 5 and 6 years old dressed as knights!  The younger boy's helmet covered his mouth but his parents explained who they were dressed as. They said the boys were the knights of the round table.

I was pretty impressed and was curious how the boys had been introduced to those stories at their young age...  turns out I did not have the right knights.   

Their Dad chuckled and explained that the boys recently got into watching 
Monty Python's Holy Grail... 
so they were dressed as THOSE knights of the round table... silly me!

Stay tuned for pictures of my Grandson Donovan's Halloween Costume this year and lots of photos of our new project.  We are tearing out walls, putting up fences, re-plumbing the plumbs. 

Makes me tired just thinking about it!  Tired and very happy!


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