Monday, August 17, 2009


I had been working away on my latest post to update folks on our quick trip out to California from Michigan but before I could complete it we had a not so much of a surprise arrival.

I will add that post later but right now this one trumps in spades.

As of Sunday, August 16, 2009 at 1:46 p.m.
we have a new family member.

Please join us in welcoming

Donovan Chance Huggins

8 lbs, 4 oz, 21 inches long

Here he is with his tired mother. She did VERY well and true to her... she did not make a peep during the whole thing. My Dad... or I guess I should now say Great-Poppa said she "Injuned up" and got down to business! She was in labor for several hours but when it came time to push... that lasted about an hour and like I said she was silent. The doc even asked me if she was normally so quiet.

Heh heh. I think Dad was right.

I think the doc was a little concerned. Just for info, Amber is not really quiet she has plenty to say when it needs to be said... believe me.

And here is the proud Daddy Kevin. For those who don't know Kevin he has lived around this area for awhile and currently works as a security guard out front of a chain grocery store in a town north of where they live. He has been in security for awhile and enjoys it... has eyes on working in corrections possibly some day. He is quiet like Amber but when I turned to him and asked what he thought about his son... he did not take his eyes off him, smiled and simply said,

"He's amazing."

and here I am... hogging my my grandson Donovan and sitting next to the proud Daddy Kevin. He was taking a picture of Amber I think who was crashed out exhausted.

Oh my... what a boy...

and look how good he listens to Granny telling him stories! Amber's Dad Fred and his wife Tina came to visit later that evening. They have a couple younger ones themselves (16-18 months and another one 10 years old I believe) and even so, her Dad said he was going to take that boy home with him when he left. He just loves the babies. That side of the fam is spread out far and wide but they have been sending lots of love Amber's way and will be visiting asap. Donovan has more great grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, cousins etc., to visit when everyone can connect.

And now some Great Grandparents...

and of course some Aunties squared:

All unwrapped.... He has his momma's eyes.

Isn't it amazing how you can truly fall in love at first sight...

I fell in love with him like I fell in love with his mother.
Blammo!! and I was smitten. We all are.

Congratulations Amber and Kevin...
and welcome to the world my sweet little man,
we have been waiting for you!

and now... commence with the spoiling!


  1. Wow, great news! Congrats to, dale and kendra

  2. He's a beauty!! Congratulations to all!



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