Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ringing in December out of the snow... so far.

Well, the first leg of our trip is out of the way. We made it out of Sidnaw just in time as a cold front came in right behind us. You can see the snow behind us in the rear view mirror

and the storm brewing on Lake Michigan near the Mighty Mac bridge...

and here it is....
last chance for a pasty!

No thanks.

Our first night we stayed at a casino that provides RV parking. Great idea actually for the casinos! No plug ins but they are open all night. Walmarts are good options for parking over night if allowed but they close at 9 pm so if you need a real bathroom you are out of luck until 8 am the next morning. We have a real bathroom in our trailer but we thought our trailer was winterized so we needed to have a real bathroom available.

Just FYI- when a trailer is winterized... like a house... RV antifreeze stuff has been poured down and worked into the piping systems so the freezing weather does not burst the plumbing. We were told the trailer had been winterized when we drove it off the lot so we had not planned to flush the system until we go to warmer weather. I guess you can tell by my comments that in fact...we learned it had not been winterized. Hopefully, no harm occurred while it was parked in our driveway in Sidnaw in the 27 degree weather.

So, the first day we made it to lower Michigan and then because someone ::cough cough:: forgot to change the time on his travel alarm we actually woke up an hour earlier than normal. I was up at what I thought was 4:30 am. It was 30 minutes earlier than I usually get up but I figured what the hell. I got Delta around, fed her, went up to the casino and got breakfast and coffee.

Turns out it was actually 3:30 am. We ate and did not realize our mistake until we got out on the road and saw the time on the truck dashboard. No wonder casino security was looking at me like some wild eyed crankster... or wild eyed casino robber. I was one of 6 people in the entire casino at that time. Sheesh.

It was not so bad though because we watched the sun come up buzzing down the highway and

rolled into our spot near Ravenna, OH around 2 pm. It gave us time to go to the store, get some goodies, and play a little frisbee with Delta at the park. We left that next morning... at a normal human time... got back on the turnpike and headed out of Ohio, through Pennsylvania, and Maryland and back into Virginia.season all through this area and we kind of chuckled about it. We thought it was bad in Michigan... the hunters in Ohio and Pennsylvania simply park their cars by the road and you can see them standing out in fields or walking through the woods in their bright orange. In a few places you see one hunter on one side of the hill and then you see another around the corner. I sure hope they know the other fellow is there.

The weather was fine, even though a cold front has been rolling in like a tide behind us. We did hit some snow at the peak of the mountain near the Allegheny Mountain Tunnel in Pennsylvania but then when we dropped back down we came into the rain.

I loved it when we got into Virginia as we immediately started seeing the bright green grassy horse fields and the black fence posts. I noted that on our last trip through Virginia. Very pretty.

We passed several battlefields...

Gettysburg, Antietam, Manassas, etc. They are simply all over the place here. A lot of civil war history in this area. As our next stop is at Bull Run we will most likely be going over to check out the Manassas visitor center.

This is me and Delta at Bull Run by the fire... full moon coming up through the trees... imagining that we hear the footsteps of the many ghosts that wander through these forests. It gets kinda spooky at night.

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