Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mosey on over into Texas....

We mosied... mosyed.. moseyed....hmm  have to look that up.. anyway we wandered into Texas from our newly beloved Louisiana. We drove straight into Houston then went due south to Surfside.  Surfside sits right on the gulf, as did our RV park 'The Breeze'.  


David reserved us a fabulous spot at 'The Breeze'. There it is at the very end of the park there... with the red arrow.  Practically right on the beach.  This time we settled in for a longer stay.

David and Delta have been having the best time here.  As soon as we got there they hit the beach and did so several times nearly every day we were here.  She is getting better at her Frisbee catching, bike running, and she pretends to chase birds.  She is not fooling anyone... she really is just running with them as they skim the shore. 

 We collected a few shells... this time without the frenzied fever...  and rode our bikes along the beach.  The sand was packed harder so you could ride.... and drive(!) along the beach. 

There were not as many shells as there were in South Carolina but many of the same types  of shells were here.  However... along with shells thanks to Hurricane Ike in 2008 you can find pieces of china, or house tiling, brick chunks etc.  The houses along this strip of beach here at the gulf was pretty well destroyed and we watched a lot of construction going on around us.  I dunno about this hurricane business.  I think I might just throw in the towel... listen to mother nature's not so subtle hints and move to higher ground.   Of course.. people who rebuild after hurricanes think those in Tornado Alley are crazy... and those folks think Californian's with their earthquakes are nuts. To each their own.

One sunny day we drove about 40 miles up the strip of beach from Surfside to Galveston.  A busy little town with a lot of shops and quite a collection of large ornate victorian homes.  This home is the Bishop's Palace.  Hmm... it's good to be the Bishop. 

Surfside is right next to a HUGE plant.  The Dow Chemical plant is literally right down the road and is surrounded by many other types of plants.

I am sure some of the surrounding operations are independent of Dow but I bet they contribute to each others business in some way.  These plants are like cities.  They cover acres and acres... they have their own ports, roads, and rivers... they also employ a LOT of people... a lot of men primarily.They are cities unto themselves in an Escher kind of way.  Ignoring the obvious comments....  when you look closely at the plants... they are absolute honeycombs of industry. It is actually interesting in it's construction and operations.

The time, work, and thought that went into just the building of the plants are amazing.  They light up the sky at night and are literally buzzing with activity. 

At night along with the solid.... steady.... roar of the waves I could hear the hum all the way out towards the beach.

Between Surfside and the mainland is marshland.  The inter-coastal waterway winds through and you could see large barges and ships moving through.  It was kinda weird seeing it from the beach side.. it looked like the ships were making there way along the roads.  Also at night the shipping lanes were really obvious out in the Gulf.  We saw big ships making their way towards Dow's and whoever elses pier and beyond.. but at night when you looked out into the gulf it looked like there was a freeway with the lighted ships all in a line waiting their turn to dock and fill with stuff.

The sunrise is beautiful on the gulf.  Here is David and Delta out for their morning coffee walk:

I think David is part Aquaman.  Of course he might prefer a comparison to Poseidon...  :)

That trident thing is much groovier than the green tights...

Anyway, he loves anything to do with water.... oceans, gulf, rivers.. all of it.  He gets energy and peace from it all at the same time.  He was out walking the beach several times a day... sometimes I would go with him, and sometime he would take Delta... well... 90% of the time if we were going to walk the beach she was with him.

Anyway... I enjoyed the beach but not nearly as much as they did.  I also like the water but I have found I am more of a lake/river/forest kinda gal... a regular Naiad.

I enjoy the ocean but I am becoming afraid that the pacific region has spoiled me.  If I am going to listen or watch ocean waves I like the randomness and surges of the pacific.  One large wave crashing terrifically on the rocks while the next simply rolls up on the shore... there is a rise, a pitch, a danger to the whole affair.  You can't turn your back on that water.

 The waves here to me were... well.... monotonous... Buzzing and humming steadily.  Also.. there are no trees.  There were palms.. but these palms aren't really trees.. just tall skinny pokie bushes.

Dang it.  I tried to like it I really did... but I just could not wrap my head around it... I got no inspiration at all... not to write, not to read, not to scribble and scratch.  It also did not help that we had a few rain storms pass overhead so even if we wanted to go try to hang out on the beach we couldn't....  we were stuck inside. One storm even caused a flood warning and water came up over the road right near where we were staying.   

All in all.. it was a nice quiet park.  Very quiet setting.  
But... we are on the road again.  Heading steadily west and it does my heart good.

Ahhh.. but did I mention the sunrises?

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