Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mysteries of the Universe

Well a lot has happened since that last post.  We definitely were planning our way back... but then we got a phone call.  An important one. Our leisurely trip back to the U.P suddenly turned into a 3 day driving marathon followed by a week of packing and then another 3 day marathon BACK to the west coast.  I will fill you in on that as soon as I can... until then it will remain a mystery. I will let you contemplate this for awhile.
Speaking of mysteries.  During long hours riding as a passenger in a vehicle traveling here and there I have contemplated many curious things for which there seems to be no real explanations.

 The Nazca Lines:

How the pyramids were built:

How Ricky Martin seems to have believed that anyone thought he was NOT gay:

Come on Ricky... duh.  
We all knew which way you shook your bon bon but loved ya just the same.

And then finally... the biggest mystery of them all. 
Passing Lanes:
Why is it that people who chronically drive below the speed limit speed up so that you are unable to pass them in the passing lane and then drop their speed right back down below the speed limit where the passing lane runs out?

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