Friday, December 21, 2007

Very "before view"

You know how folks like to share the before and after pictures of a project... well these are REALLY before. Here are pictures of the plans... this is just a drawing of the front and then the back. We sure like it! Small, but just right for us and this next adventure! Its kinda fun because the cottage is on a slope so from the front it looks teeny tiny... but as you can see from the back view.. the side that faces the lake.. it is much bigger looking. We are going to have some great views!

The top floor is actually an open loft bedroom.. the open part being over the living room on the middle floor. The living room opens up onto a deck that runs across the length of the home. The bottom floor will be where our desks sit, one on each side of the door. The laundry room will also be downstairs. I am VERY excited about working the landscape and have different ideas everyday! I just have to remember short summers. freezing winters, sandy soil.. oh dear.

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