Sunday, December 2, 2007

You wondering why?

Here is a photo of the old "cabin" that is on site.

You may notice it leans in two directions... pretty c
lever for a building that has been there since the 20's or so. There is no foundation, you can tell that the owner just kept adding rooms as he felt necessary.. like a bathroom. However, he did not bother to take down the old stuff. Meaning there was an outhouse close to the house with a bucket of lye and a pile of beer cans inside. Inside the "cabin" he left walls in place that still had the window openings. Openings that at one time had glass and used to look outside now they are just wide open views into the other rooms. There was even a copper tubing gas line for several old camp kerosene lanterns running through the house... right next to the obligatory bare light bulbs hanging from the ceiling with pull chains/ropes.

You may ask... WHY?

This is why... it is nearly 2 acres of heavily forested land with over 100 feet of lake-front. We have only one full time neighboring family on a lake that is (except for our side) surrounded by a National Forest. We canoe in the evening, listen to loons all day, fish when we want, and watch the eagles circling overhead. Tough to beat.

1 comment:

  1. Too cool!

    Do you know what the average snowfall is yet?

    Average temp in Feb?

    I am envious!



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