Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mad as March Hares!

Well the packing craziness begins in earnest! David has completed his business here, and I have less than two weeks left at a job I have had for many years. We are packing more and more of our stuff and will be getting down basically to suitcase living here very soon! That whole paper plate thing is kinda cool if you look at it in a no dirty dishes sort of way! Notice I did not mention the pillaging of the earth and cutting down rainforests to get those paperplates... ;) I am surprised I don't have anyone living in my trees outside protesting the excess and waste of it all. This is Mendocino County after all. Of course the protesters are probably too busy to bother with me right now... they are all busy growing their acres of weed on other people's land to pay for their new Escalades and expensive organic hemp clothing.

I have added some more pictures to the photo album and will probably eventually have to separate them into different files one day to make them easier to navigate. Take a look if you have not lately.

I am excited and nervous all at once. I am going to miss being able to see my daughter and the rest of my family and friends at a moments notice but I know I can talk to them every night via phone or internet.. which actually is probably more than we visit now. Its just a distance thing I suppose. I just remind them all this is just another step in the road for us... in a few years we might be heading somewhere else.. who knows!? That is what makes like exciting isn't it!? I want to look back someday when I am older and greyer and say, "wow... that was wonderful!"

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