Saturday, October 23, 2010

Life Imitating Art - Yikes

We don't usually have particular tv series that we like watch but this year we are really enjoying

The Middle
Modern Family

and sometimes.....                     

Community has been wavering a bit with the silliness lately but we still enjoy it.  The other night there was the "Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples" episode where the character Peirce (Chevy Chase) was hanging with some of the other "senior aged" citizen students.  On the show they called them "hipsters".. because they all had hip replacements.

Anyway, the premise for that segment of the show was that these other students were a bad influence on Peirce, and causing him to act out... like they were teens.  One example is that the group was playing poker and sneaking booze on campus after being told by the Dean of the college that it was not allowed.  They agreed that if the Dean caught them they would pretend to be playing Bingo and their excuse for the booze was because it someone's 91st birthday and 'suddenly it's adorable".  Another example was when one of the "hipster" students suggested stealing a car after they had been sneaking booze again.  When Peirce objected saying that was illegal and they had all been drinking alcohol, the hipster ring leader told him that joy riding for seniors was ok.  All they needed to do if the cops caught them was to pretend to be disoriented and the cops would just give them a ride home.  We chuckled but did not think much about it until the next day when life imitated art... just a little bit.

We have a group of retired men who come in and golf three times a week.  When they are done they sit in the clubhouse and visit.  A few of these men have known each other since high school.  Well, one was telling the others how a shared acquaintance of theirs was not golfing that day because he had to go to the DMV and he was really nervous about it.  You see it was time for that fellow to renew his license and apparently the years have not been kind to his vision. 
The man can not see.  

 He was concerned the DMV might actually test his eyesight and his vision is so bad he knew he would fail. So the men started laughing and chatting about that and they shared a trick on how they get around eye tests at the DMV.  

Apparently if you wear those big temporary dilated eyes sunglasses things that the optometrist gives you to the DMV appointment, the DMV workers assumes your vision is ok because you were just at the eye doctor and so the workers frequently let you skip that part. 

Note that their first concern was NOT THAT THEY CAN NOT SEE TO DRIVE SAFELY any longer, but how to trick the DMV so that they don't know you can not see.  This way you can make sure that while you might actually be legally blind and a complete menace to anyone else on the road... sidewalk... parking still can have a valid license to drive that 1-2-3 ton vehicle (think RVs) down the highways and byways.


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