Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Settling in a bit... finally.

We have been here at the golf course since April or so for David to train on equipment etc.  We officially took over the course in July. Summer here is the busiest time of the year for golf courses so we have not had much time to get settled in to our new home.  We have been up at 5 or 6  am to greet the first golfers at 6:30 or 7 am with a pot of strong-ass coffee and freshly mowed greens.  

Then we would fall into bed around 9:30 at night... 7 days a week.  During summer there are plenty of cold dinners, or meals that are mixed up and confused as I am trying to get some sort of cooking schedule going. Never a missed meal...  heaven forbid... we both are foodies but the eating routine has definitely been disrupted.
That's not to say we did not get any fun time... we had visitors several occasions.  My daughter Amber and Grandson Donovan came to visit during the summer, as did my parents,
Dad and Mom at Japanese Gardens in Portland

David's brother Terry's family, my brother Dale and his wife Kendra, some friends from N. Cali, and our friend Doug the cabinet man and his son Casey.  Doug is the premiere cabinet maker... a master craftsman in my opinion, and is the same fellow who made our cabinets for the house in Michigan.  He came to visit and brought along a customized bookshelf he had crafted to fit along a low wall in the residence that ran along the living area into the kitchen area.

Not only is this a beautiful addition there is very little storage in the apartment so this was very practical as well.  While we left furniture, including beds and stuff in Michigan we DID bring boxes and boxes of books and really had no where to put them.  I also have a few kitchen collectible stuff that I drag around with me wherever we go.  We absolutely love the shelving unit.  Doug does gorgeous work and I have been slowly filling it as time and ambition has allowed. 

Speaking of my Grandson....  he is growing like a weed!  

Look at him showing off his teeth! and his new haircut!  

Playing with Great Grandpa

He also had his first birthday last month and he and his mama, daddy, and the rest of the family enjoyed every bit of it!

Left the walking toy behind!

Look out behind you PAPA! 

And for some more photos:

Look at the rapscallion eyes!

Sweet boys once again!

Not from party but sweet girl just the same.
Donovan with the new high chair that Great Grandpa made.

Grassy Baby Toes! What is this ticklie surface!  LOL

When we first took over the residence at the course I had been Goodwill surfing and found some temporary furniture.  However, by the time September rolled around those straight backed hard wooden Ben Franklin chairs were really not enjoyable any more.
We had frequently taken to laying on the carpet with Delta.  So.... finally during a couple of rainy days in a row, David was able to escape with me and we ran to Ikea and got a sofa!
Yayyyy! Finally!

Pretty crazy this sofa came in this little box:

We took it home and in like 5-6 steps *poof* we had a couch!  Literally poof.  The cushions are vacuum packed into bags and when you open them they suck air in and POOF... you got cushions. 
Those vikings are pretty sharp.

And now enters the beginning of Autumn.  Kinda like a heavy happy sigh. Things are slowing down on the course, dark is coming much earlier in the evenings and staying later in the mornings.   There has even been the smell of wood smoke in the air on a couple of the more chilly mornings and finally, we have been able to get tucked in better to our new home. Heck, I even made soup a couple of nights!

It is a wonderful feeling when you are finally able make your abode your own.  When you first move you unpack... you find the absolute 'day to day' necessities and make them easily accessible.  Then you slowly start to settle in.  At some point...  your new place suddenly becomes yours.  It transforms into 'home'.   The process might be a bit different for folks but after you hang a certain photo, or put out a couple of favorite books, or even when you find a spot in the cupboard for your favorite coffee mug.

Either way there is an invisible line of sorts where it goes from just some place you are staying....  to a home.  It took a bit longer for us in this space, but it is finally happening.


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