Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July so far...

As I mentioned previously the sun finally decided to make an appearance and we have been enjoying having the golfers return.  It has been nice and steady for the most part with a tournament here, a birthday party there, and a bachelor party thrown in now and then just for spice.  Yikes.

Bachelor parties are ... 


Not really.

So. Anyway.

During the 4th of July weekend the neighboring town Molalla has a rodeo. 

The Molalla Buckaroo - a PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association) Rodeo.  Molalla has been hosting this rodeo since 1913 and it attracts many visitors from all over.  As far as the golf play during rodeo weekend, the rumor we heard was that the golf course always gets a ton of cowboys and they drink, get rowdy,  and wear their cowboy boots on the course which tears up the greens etc.  So as the weekend loomed closer we were ready for them.
So I get a call for a tee time from a fellow named Justin McBride.  The fellow had one hell of an accent... He sounded like a real live and true Okie... (my Mama is an Okie so I can say that, ask her to say chimpanzee sometime.)

While I had him on the phone I asked... "Are you guys here for the rodeo?" 

"Oh yes ma'am" he says, "we sure are .. we are playin' out there both nights."  

(I kinda did not pay attention to his saying he was playing)  and I said "I got one thing I want to tell ya..."  

He said "whats that Ma'am?" 

I said.. "Don't wear your cowboy boots out here.  They tear up the greens."  

He chuckled and said.. "oh no ma'am.. we got regular shoes and everythin'.  But we will need clubs and carts if that is alright."

So I don't give it a second thought.  The following day as this Justin fellow's tee time draws near I am standing at the register looking out over the first tee box when I notice out of the corner of my eye a big shiny black  limousine sliding into our parking lot.


And a group of folks gets out.. 3 fellows and a pretty gal.   They were dressed nice... got their clubs and carts and had a great time.  There was one man who had golfed before and he was kinda teaching the other two younger (and rather handsome I might add) fellows how to golf.  The gal rode in the cart along with them and did not play.  Heck... I am embarrassed to say now that I even carded them for our crappy old carts like David suggested just in case.  When I took their driver's license information I noted Nashville, Tennessee on one license and Alabama on the other.  I said "Wow. You are a long way from home."  The young man from Alabama smiled and said with a wonderful slow southern drawl "Yes Ma'am I am."  They went on out and played their 9 holes and while they were gone I looked up the Molalla Rodeo information and found out that Justin McBride and the band were headlining at the rodeo all three nights. 

So....  when they were done the limousine magically reappeared in the lot again and was waiting for them as they walked up the hill back towards the clubhouse.  They had such a good time they made another tee time for the next day... and again for the next day.   They were very nice folks, and yes... they had regular shoes to golf in.   Geez.

Newest Album

After they left that first day we were telling one of our regular golfers named Max the story.  David just happens to mention to Max that Justin McBride was here and we figured out they were the band that was playing at the rodeo.  

But Max really knew who he was and that we only had part of the story.

Max said Justin was an old friend from his rodeo days and he hoped to get a chance to say hi to him and planned to show up the next day to see if he could catch him.  You see, Max (who did his share of Professional Bull Riding in his past) said that Justin won several Pro Bull Rider championships before and while he is retired from the Bull Riding circuit now, he "sings like a bird". 

Well,  that was enough. Inquiring minds want to know.
So.... to the Batcave Robin to check the internet!:

Here he is on the Professional Bull Riders website, and from his own page on his bull riding career. Apparently, Justin holds the records for numbers of wins in a single year.... as well as the largest purse in a year.... and the largest purse for a single ride. 

For an 8 second ride on a bull named 'Scene of the Crash' Justin won $200,000.  
Watch him tie himself onto that beast.  Holy Smokes.

Justin has since retired from bull riding and is focused on singing.  
 Here is his personal/music website:    Justin McBride and here is a photo of him at 
the American Country Music Awards:

Well...  pretty exciting for us and like I said... they were a super nice bunch of folks who I think enjoyed themselves out on the course.  I can tell you one thing for sure though... he does this:

much better than he does this:

*Just teasin!*
We'll just have to give him a little time...  
I think maybe he and his band-mates might have caught the golfing bug so who knows.  After their first tee time one of the guys went back to where he was staying and swung the club about 100 times.  He came in the next day and showed me the blister on his thumb... AND he ended up shaving 13 points off his score from the day before.  I know he is hooked, and maybe Justin will be too.  Maybe he will build himself a driving range/putting green out on his ranch and pass the addiction on to his other friends as well.

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