Friday, October 10, 2008

Golden days

Enough of the moose already.

We interrupt this blog for a public service announcement:




Ok.. back to the regular programming:

Even though we had started unpacking we had done so a bit prematurely.... on purpose. We had decided at the last minute... sorta... to use pine floor in the living room area. There was a tad bit of a problem with the laminate so we adapted. The only thing is we moved in before we put a finish down on the floor. We were just so excited to have our own place again we could not wait. Well, the other day... couple of days really... we cleared the floor and put down the finish.

I have to tell you after being a by-stander while my Dad did the floors in our house I was afraid of the toxic soup that I thought was going to be in those gallon buckets. I was worried it was going to smell, it was going to make us dizzy and then the floor would not set right. Brain cells were in danger and the dog's noses would be burned out from the chemicals. I was sure it was going to bubble and blister and then we would have to do it all again... to say the least I was concerned... but I was mistaken.

We used a clear matte type finish and did two coats. David and I have the patience of gnats so that was about all we could squeeze out but I must say it did NOT stink and it went down super easily.... it did not make us sick, did not bubble, and did not hurt the dogs. Also... it looks great! I hope the color starts to warm up soon just like the ceiling did... it is going from the lighter pine color to a nice honey color.. a natural change and it is very pretty.

Phew... once it was dry according to the time recommended on the back of the bucket we brought the furniture back in and unpacked... again.

Someday I will have to pick wall paint colors. Geez.

The time between coats we went to Rhinelander in Wisconsin. Sounds like somewhere Vikings still roam doesn't it? Well, they do.

Anyway that's another story... but while in Rhinelander we bought a TV and a wall arm mount thingy... you can kinda see the TV in the picture above in the corner. It is VERY cool... 32" HDTV and its like being hypnotized when it comes on...

I have to admit it has actually been kinda nice not having a TV for awhile. I read quite a few of the books on my 'to read later' list. Poor David has not been able to read though he has been too busy working.

Well, we noted the other day as we have been doing nearly everyday since fall started the change in the colors.. we have now gone past the orangy-red thing into full on yellow gold. This yellow gold color is so bright it glows... I have seen many garden magazines suggest that people plant moon gardens. The moon gardens are to be filled with white flowers and grey foliage so that they can be enjoyed in the evening hours. Let me tell you this bright yellow lights up the day AND it does seem to brighten up in the evenings. Extends the sunshine a little bit longer now that our days are getting shorter.

Here is the road past our house:

and then our driveway:

the driveway looking back towards the road:

below is just past one of our woodpiles next to the shed:

and of course this next photo is the secret hobbit path across the street.
You know the one, it is the path Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin are on right before they feel the Nazgul coming and the leaves all start swirling around and they have to hide under the roots
of that tree with the spiders and worms and stuff....

ummm.. you Lord of the Rings nerds... I mean fans...
don't act like you don't know EXACTLY
which scene I am talking about...


the view that afternoon to the lake :

and then below the pictures below of Squirrel Town.. no not Funky Town...

Squirrel Town.

(Squirrel Town is between our place and Kennedy's white cabin) .
There is one red hold out in all that yellow:

Oh... and this below is the view from squirrel town back towards our house:

I am not sure if I explained about Squirrel Town yet. The squirrels and chipmunks lay here in wait for our dogs. They patiently sit and watch until we let the dogs out the door. Then they squeak loudly to get the dogs attention. You can hear them chuckle as they watch the dogs barrel out the door sprinting towards them. When they see the whites of the dogs' eyes and the frothing of their jowels they scramble up the nearest tree.

Man oh man does that make the dogs crazy.. they get so frenzied they try to climb the trees and run in circles around the trunks... and just when they are about to give up a squirrel on the other side of Squirrel town will squeak and they run over there to start it all again. The squirrels love it... so do the dogs actually and it keeps them busy.

Every once in awhile a dark cloud passes over and you hear a .22 rifle cracking a few times and the squirrels are quiet for a couple of minutes ( a moment of silence I presume) . The dogs are confused a little but then you hear another squeak and they go back at it...

a few less squirrels in the game...
just to make things even dontcha know.

Friday Morning Sunrise
Not much can be said about this... just look... be sure to click on this one.

No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace
as I have seen in one autumnal face

~ John Donne


    That is all I can say!

  2. Prize winning photo. Good job, Rebecca. Wish we were there to see you and David AND the beautiful views.
    Mom and Dad



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