Thursday, October 30, 2008

Frost on the pumpkin

It is starting to get a little colder here. We went from frosty mornings:

to the first October snow within a day or so!

However, the snow did not last long, nor did it hit this area the same. The picture of the church above was maybe 20 miles or so from the picture below. This one was taken closer to Houghton and you have to pass by Lake Superior to get there.

Apparently something called the lake effect makes a big difference both near the great lakes and the smaller ones (like ours) You see right now, the water temperature is warmer so the towns near the lakes... and our house near our lake... are a bit warmer because of the effect the water has on the climate in the surrounding areas. However, when the lakes freeze... and yes Lake Superior freezes... then the towns and homes near the water will be colder because again... of the effect the frozen water has on the climate. That is how I understand it anyway.

Anyhoo, the local folks say normally in October a bit of snow will fall, then there will be some clear days before we get walloped. Then they ask me if I have been through 'a snow' before... dang. They keep asking me that.

oh dear.

Frankly, I try to stay on track with getting prepared for the upcoming winter. Intellectually I know this will be different than what I have ever experienced... but unfortunately I have a bit of the grasshopper in my California blood. Ya know... the Ant and the Grasshopper story? The Grasshopper spends his time fiddling around and having a good old time not getting prepared for the winter. Meanwhile, the ants are working hard all through the good weather stocking up on supplies. That is what has been going on around here. It is a very busy time for people, hunting, canning, stocking freezers, moving firewood, etc.

When I do make it to the store, the canning section looks like a pack of wildebeests attacked it. Stores can not seem to keep up with the supplies... and here I am driving around looking at the pretty leaves, playing with the dogs.

Guess which one is which?

One is goofing around with the camera while the other cuts wood.

Actually... I am just (sorta) kidding. Those of you who know me know I am helping...

It's just I don't have the impending sense of doom coming that people seem to have.

Winter here can't be that bad right?


As far as what I have been up to, I have been working at the post office on weekends and even cover on other days here and there when the postmaster needs time off.

Here is a picture I took the other morning as the sun was rising, it is a bit blurry sorry.

My point and shoot camera sometimes is a little lacking... or maybe it is the photographer.

I had just raised the flag right before I took this.

I also have been getting the house set up a little more. We have not painted inside, that will be a later job but I am trying to organize... find places for pictures...

changing furniture around stuff like that. We lucked out the other day and stumbled on a table set that we both liked:

Nothing fancy, but we really liked the style and color. Now we can sit at a table to eat... almost like grownups!

I also have set up my pantry.

Yayyyy! Bean soup all winter!

I also have been helping move the firewood up closer to the house. We are taking advantage of the protection that the deck may give and are stacking firewood right on the patio downstairs... which handily is where the woodstove is located.

We are using the poles under the deck to help hold the wood. I have one row there and plan on putting two more and then on the other side of the patio I will be adding a couple more rows. I stacked it just up to the window as you can see below... because that window is where I am sitting right now writing this blog! All I have to do is move my eyeballs up from the computer screen to see the lake. Can't be blockin' that view now!

It takes a bit of time to move the wood because first of all I have to move the right kind of wood and I always forget which is which...
maple, birch, basswood..
It all burns right?
(says the grasshopper)

No they are not the same and it makes a big difference. So first I have to go to the right pile and then I have to get the scooter, hook up the trailer.... get the dogs and put them on board because heaven forbid you ride the scooter without them.

I then load up and drive around the house and unload.
Makes me tired just thinking about it... hmmm... wonder what is on hgtv?

Probably some halloween special. Speaking of that, sounds like the handful of kids that are around here might actually make it to the house to trick or treat. I bought a bag of small reeses the other day to prepare... then I had to buy another because that one went somewhere. I am thinking about calling Trooper Pat.

Anyway... I bought a new one and since there is only one day until Halloween, hopefully we will have some treats to give to the intrepid halloweeners who make it to our door.

And to you! Happy Halloween!
And now for some creepy pictures to get you in the mood... queue the scary music

Actually, I just noticed something... this is very scary!
View the next picture with caution... scroll slowly

You have been warned

Oh my gosh do you notice the resemblance!?!?!?

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