Friday, March 20, 2009

Gone round the bend

Well it has happened. Happened in our heads anyway.

The locals keep gently (and of course slowly) telling us...

"You know. Winter is not quite over yet. Hay?"

What do we care about local lore, weather charts,
Doppler radars, and years of experience!

Heck, after all, the snow and that weird permafrost stuff is still melting quickly in the yard, and the sun is out. Based on that alone in our minds the long winter is over. It must be all this sunshine, this balmy 48.. um.. 42 degree weather, or maybe it is just this time of year...

Whatever it is, we have gone quite mad.

Mad as March Hares... Mad as Hatters.
Mad I tell ya Mad!

David took the plow off the truck, we set up the chop saw table on the patio downstairs to finally finish up the trim work inside the house, we asked some friends to pick up a huge bag of grass seed for us on their last trip into town. I dug out the my yard work tools, and we are talking gardens.
Well, we are talking... but I am dreaming.

As my ideas get bigger and bigger and David keeps reminding me we do not have a big enough well for the water we would need to support the type of gardens I keep imagining. He says we would have to get a pump and draw it directly out of the lake for the plans I have!

What do I care for wells, and pumps, and lake water.
My thoughts are with lush, green, sunny, bursting, verdant, dripping, blooming gardens!

Dreams are simply not enough. The other morning I even got online with High Mowing Organic Seeds to make sure and get my seed order in before all the seeds were gone!


You never know... there might be a run on the French Breakfast Radishes.

Forget that I will not even be able to put things in the ground until June...
that does not matter!

As David and I have been talking about gardens AND golf courses quite a bit lately, I have come to the conclusion that gardening is a lot like golfing in that once you have the bug you are hooked.

Like novice golfers, we novice gardeners think our skills are much better than they really are... we get all dressed up in the appropriate gear... buy all kinds of silly accessories we are sure will help...

and we are so proud of our little scraggly accomplishments.

Well... that last guy's accomplishments aren't so scraggly....

Anyway.... No one can dampen our spirits!

If bad weather rolls around... a bad growing season... a few bad rounds... lightning...
Well, just you never mind...

We just hang up our trowels and clubs when the season is over, and dream until we can try again the next year. Golfers and gardeners are gluttons for punishment. But it does not really matter. Either activity gets us outside, enjoying ourselves hopefully somewhere green, and we are striving to learn and master that which can never be mastered... even by Tiger.

This year for my garden I am thinking of trying the permaculture, food not lawn, vegetables as annual kinda thing. Our water IS limited, the hose length is limited, and so is the season. So to best take advantage of that I think I will be interspersing my veggies with my flowers.

Anyway.. it is sure fun planning it all. I doubt it will look anything like that photo
but it is fun to dream.

I wrote this post yesterday... the first day of spring... the Vernal Equinox...
You see I was planning on finalizing it today.
This morning I woke up to 3 inches of snow covering everything that was once brown. Sigh.

Mad I tell ya.

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