Thursday, August 7, 2008

Back in Black

Patience grasshopper

I went to the yard sale extravaganza and then to the ultimate vacation destination (for cheeseheads anyway) Green Bay Wisconsin for postal training. Good grief it was in the middle of all this Favre garbage too... could not turn a t.v. on without it being on and the minute by minute updates. I though San Fran had issues with Montana but holy cow... those Wisconsin-ites love their Favre.. youbetcha.

We have also had company which means fish fries. I will go through my zillion pictures (love that digital camera) and will be updating you soon. I have to decide which of the groovy pics I took to show you.. there were quite a few.

I did not forget about the blog nor did I disappear of the face of the earth. I have just been crazy busy. Look for new stuff in a day or so... you can even sign up for the email notification for updates over to the right there so you will get an email when there is a new posting.

Back in a flash

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