Sunday, August 17, 2008

A little before and after action

Well, this is not really a fair comparison actually... we did not remodel the old house we tore it down... smashed, trashed, and burned it. Then moved the footprint a bit, dug a big old hole, and then built a new one from scratch.. BUT.. it is kinda fun to see what WAS there... the before and after improvement of the property... so here is a couple views. Even as I post them they are out of date but I will get back to newer photos in a couple days.

Here is the view from the road:

Here is a view from the lake:

Here is the east side story:

and here is the west side story:

HA! I thought that was pretty funny. I actually could not find the west side photos.. and I actually have never seen that film... but it was fun anyway.

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