Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hark! Let the trumpeters sound!

This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle,
This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars…
~William Shakespeare

I have one thing to say...
(for right now anyway)
We take toilets for granted.

One of the toilets has been installed! The tile was set, David and I grouted until midnight, and the throne was put into place. What a true sign that we will be close to being able to live in our house! There is also running water! Which I suppose happens to be a very good thing when you have a toilet.

Not to worry… the water came before the toilet. It was all done… almost… in order.

David and Jerry have been working so hard… I know I keep saying that but they really are amazing.

They have not taken much time off and in fact Jerry may be taking on a couple of other jobs. The church in town needs a handicap ramp, and the old hotel has been bought by a private owner and is being remodeled.

However, we did manage to get in a quick ride though the other night out to Glitter Lake. Here is Jerry and the boys in their normal state when they are relaxing… yes... he normally wears a helmet. He told me the wind felt good in his hair.

and below is a picture I took right on the banks of Glitter Lake where the beavers tried to take down a few large pople trees but did not fall them correctly. This is what was left… they were not able to use any of the 4 of them. If you look close at the bottom of the picture, one of the logs is like a bridge across the path, about 2 feet off the ground.

Can’t you just see the beaver crew with their little hardhats getting all pissed because they did not factor the other trees into their falling plan? Shaking their little fists at each other. Throwing their hats on the ground.

The weather is starting to change a bit… the gardens have slowed town quite a bit and I don’t know anyone who is having a good crop .. or any really… of their tomatoes ripening. Oh God no tomatoes! I'm melting!
Also...I noticed this the other day when the dogs and I were riding the scooter.
Uh oh…

Leaves are starting to turn. We are going to be just in time with getting into the house.

I have met several people while working at the Post Office on Saturdays. Very friendly folks and I have had several ask me where I was born and raised. When I tell them Northern California.. they just kinda smile and say…

“Oooooooh. So… you have never been in a winter like we have here in the U.P.?” I shook my head.
“Did it snow at all where you lived?” No I tell them, but I lived in the state of Washington for a few years and it would get a little dusting of snow.A brief flash of a smile then happens…along with the obligatory Oooooooooh.”
Then they abruptly change the subject.
This is probably why.... here are two photos of Lake Superior... near where we live... and YES those are waves in the lake that have turned to ice.

and then here is a photo of Lake Michigan....
if you look on the map for those who are great lake challenged...
it is also pretty close to us.


Hopefully in the dead of winter we won’t have some kinda Shining movie incident happening…

all work and no play makes Becca a dull girl
all work and no play makes Becca a dull girl

heh heh. Dang that was a scary-ass movie.

Well… one thing is for sure is it won’t be dull. We will have a lot of finish work to do. Including the finish painting. I have been pulling my hair out over colors. Just when I think I have a good scheme it changes. I was going to go a goldie tan in the living room/loft area but after sealing the ceiling ;) pine boards the paint would almost match. I don’t want that to match. So back to the drawing board…

Now we are looking at a kinda khaki brownie greenish olive color now. It is darker but with all that light coming through the windows I think it will look nice. Oh hell who knows I may change it between now and the actual painting day.

Speaking of those windows… The ones on the top at night from the loft… when there is no moon on the lake… looks black and reminded me of one of my favorite t.v. shows.

It looks like the bridge of the Enterprise!
On screen Uhura!

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