Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bones of the house and Bones in the yard

Here are some recent pics of the house. As you can see the windows are in, and the framing is done (thanks again to everyone who helped!), and we just keep plugging along.

We also learned that the vinyl siding is. I know I know… some folks hear vinyl siding.. what the hell!? But it is very sturdy stuff, a lot of houses… in fact the majority of newer houses up here have it. I think it is probably the maintenance issue considering the weather that really is attractive to people. There is some vinyl siding that looks like wood shingles, of course those cost a pretty penny. We chose a siding that looks like board siding in the color Cypress.

The roof shingles are a brown-y color so it should look spiffy I think. This picture looks kind of light now that I look at it again. It is not that light on the roof. It comes out pretty brown. So we chose a more natural color palette.

Here are a couple of examples of houses with the cypress siding and I think brown shingles... a bit hard to tell. Yes, the window trim is white.

I was going to go a darker grey but I had to keep in mind what it would look like surrounded by WHITE all winter and I did not want our home to look cold… even though it is going to be hella cold outside. The house is turning out to have great bones…

Speaking of bones, I have a couple of ferocious beasts as pets. We have a real Call of the Wild situation going on here. One small black and white beast named Cosmo the Magnificent has taken up the job of guarding David while he is injured. He is ALWAYS by his side, literally… and growls when anything or anyone comes near. David’s Uncle John came to visit and before he came into the house he wanted to know where Cosmo was… how embarrassing. I have to admit I went to move him the other day and yes… he even growled at me.


The other has such a sweet face… she is so innocent… what a pretty girl that Miss Delta is... she has been diving in the creek, note the sandy wet face...
'who me? what creek?'

She is really a very large puppy… about 9 months now and is bigger than any of the other dogs here. She loves to play, and really enjoys the water, and can entertain herself for a long time just running and playing and enjoying puppy life outdoors. However, there is no question.

She is canine.

She is secretly quite ferocious. She found a semi-fresh carcass of a deer across the way. At least I think it was a carcass... at least I think it was dead when she found it. I hope. It took her a few days to break it apart and drag it over to Jerry’s yard but she finally did it. She has bits and pieces hidden all over but in particular she has a 'bone yard' in back of the house here near our ‘room’. S he just loves rolling around playing with it. She wraps herself up in the spinal column and chew chew chews. She also digs, yanks, and wrestles clubs and sticks out of the creek and stores them by the bones as well.


She drags all her goodies around the yard… and goes outside to check them every once in awhile making sure they are all there.

You can almost see her thinking,

‘Ok, Let’s see now... skull? Check.

Spine? Check.

Club? Check

Hip, leg, hooves? Check check check.

Shillelagh? Check

Oh, yes they are all present… Now which shall I chew on.’

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