Friday, July 25, 2008

Hang on! Lots of Photos

Ok.. now that the exterior is mostly done I thought you might like to see some before and after shots. Of course the details are not completed such as landscaping, lights, all of the interior... etc but well... you can at least see whats happened in the last 4 months. The before pictures of the cabin were taken in summer/fall of 2007. When we arrived.. if you remember.. in April it was snowing. I will be sure to post a couple of those pictures as well to see the real deal.

Before and after view from the lake:

Before and after from the east side:

and then from the road:

And here it is all in order... for the most part...

Here is a view from the loft towards the lake..
in the first there is a glare on the center window so I refocused
so you can see better:

Again from the deck and then towards the deck:

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