Friday, July 18, 2008

Neither rain, nor snow, nor whatever the rest is.

David has been feeling good enough to strap on some over-alls or 'bibs' and go to work. He is using the scooter to get there, straps his crutches on the rack, and has even taken the dogs a couple times. I ran out to take their picture and they were all so very serious.. see their faces here:

So I said, "oh come on you guys! SMILE!" and look what I got:

What a ham she is!! The sweet girl.

The house is coming along nicely. The siding is going up and the deck is going on in the back.

I have misplaced my camera.. uh oh.. so this picture is a little behind the times. The deck is actually up with the deck joists done, and now the deck flooring is being worked on. I actually bet it is done by lunch time today. It would have been done yesterday except it was a fishing day, and actually we had some rather bad weather yesterday. Rained and Rained with lightening and thunder to boot. I was not around though and I will tell you why in a second. I am pretty sure my camera is out at the house but I am playing hookey again today... I mean I am doing laundry today. (shhh.... don't tell. I don't want to go out there as they will probably put me to work and even though I was not around yesterday... I am TIRED. Titty face.)

The electrical stuff is pretty much done. Kaye did a great job for us. Here is Kaye and David sharpening one of Kaye's drills. They work much better when they are sharp. Kaye and I had to drill through all those pretty joists that Dad put up.

I say Kaye and I because for the last few days I have been helping Kaye the electrician pull wires... We made quite a pair. He is a little hard of hearing, AND wears ear protection when he drills, and I talk loud. One would think that would be ok but it actually was pretty comical. Everyone else was chuckling at us, apparently we were quite entertaining.

He would be on bottom floor, I would be pulling wires up to the next floor. He would yell, "is that enough?" I would say, "No, I need more." He would yell, "Is that ok?"... I would yell, "I need two more feet!!,"... and he would yell, "should I pull the slack back?" and I would yell "No Kaye! I need more!" and he would yell, "I don't know if its raining in Baltimore, do you need more wire!?!"
I went up and down the stairs a lot those few days.

Here is some of my handiwork.

Impressive eh?
(You ever see those commercials where the husband is switching the light switch on and off wondering why the light does not come on... but the neighbors garage doors are going up and down? heh heh.)

And.. now... drum roll please..
Speaking of jobs...

I have been conditionally hired by the US Postal Service! Well, its not that big of a deal... but I was not working at the house yesterday because I had to go get an employment pre-screening drug test (on the other side of the 'coin' now) for the Post Master Relief position here at the local Post Office. Yayyy!

It is only a couple hours a week (literally two hours on Saturday mornings) and then fill in when the Post Master goes on vacation to training or is sick. I know that is WAY less that part time but it's a foot in the door, it's 4 miles from my house, and if the Post Master position comes up.. that actually is a good gig. I found a pretty picture of rural route mail boxes (see below) but I don't want to deceive you they actually they do not deliver mail to residential mailboxes here... there are only PO Boxes.

So... I will not have a truck, bike, or shoes to walk the mail route I will just be sorting the mail as it comes in when I am working, so I will be INSIDE. I know one thing... I will sure get to meet folks as that seems to be the hang out in the mornings.
Down the road, in Watton, there is a 'tri-cities' craft mall. I think that is the name anyway... but it is a building that has been sectioned off and displays and sells crafts from many local artists. I just got such a kick out of the display in front of the door I thought I would share it with you all in case you wanted to do something similar for your gardens. Note how the blue paint simulates running water down the sides of the tractor tire... I mean.. er... faux fountain.

All I can say is.... oh my...

And now for the flower of the day... when Mom and I were canoing we saw a lot of the yellow lily pad flowers popping up out of the water. We paddled right through them. This one is about to bloom...

Well I thought I would show you that the white ones are also coming up now.

Kinda cool flowers, I will try to catch one with a froggy on it someday.

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