Sunday, July 13, 2008

Progress good and…

The weather has been back and forth as usual but everything else has been progressing. David went to the specialist, no surgery needed but he suggested wearing the boot for 2 more months. Apparently a 46ish year old does not heal as quickly as a 20 year old. Who knew? I am sure he will follow the doc’s recommendation to the letter… kinda like he follows the recommended driving speed. Either way, he is healing, and chomping at the bit. He found some duds he can wear over his boot:
(look familiar? note the guard dog)

We picked up a loaner cane from St. Vinnies in Houghton, and has started trying to get back to work.

The house is moving right along too. Jerry, Woody, and Kaye, Rick, and Jim have been working hard. They are prepping the house for spray foam insulation.

Above you can see Jerry on scaffolding and Woody below. Jerry is measuring out and cutting a spot for the chimney. Below is a picture of Kaye is prepping electric stuff. He is putting in the electric fan/light box. View is from bottom of stairs looking into loft master bedroom:

The building inspector came by and had nothing.. NOTHING.. negative to say. In fact, he made very positive comments. (I secretly knew he would… we had a great plan… thanks again Dad!) He was also bully on spray insulation for this area which is a good thing to hear. Additionally, we have found another company so now there will be a bit of a competition. We are looking for someone to come into the area, do three houses, do it very soon, and give us one heck of a good deal. The benefit to them is the fact it is three jobs and these yoopers… if someone does a good job for them then they get to talking about it and the news spreads quickly. So… we will see who comes up with the best price.

The deck is going to go on… it was going to come a bit later but someone (rebeccarose) suggested that it go up and then some of that scaffolding can come down… at first I did not think anyone heard me when I suggested it (the only response I got sounded like crickets) but then the next thing I knew… lumber for the deck is getting ordered.

Hm. Imagine that.

We are planning on doing the cable railings for the decks/stairs. It is safe and clean but does not block the view and believe me this place is all about the view. However, that might be a project for next summer so I suggested just using strong ranch wire temporarily. If that would be sufficient to get us past final with building inspector then that is what we will do. He are some pics of what I mean so you can get an idea. The first two pictures are what we eventually want to have. The third picture (just the wire part) is what I was thinking we could use temporarily that would pass inspection (hopefully) and is cheap... re-useable... and would not block the view until we put up the final. I will let you know if the idea is approved:

Once these things are done it will slow down a bit, David and I will start taking over what we can do… this will help with the budget we have set even though it might slow it down a bit. Of course, we did not anticipate the accident. The house is weathered in and electric and plumbing will be done VERY soon. Once we get that stuff inspected and at least one toilet/sink/kitchen in… we will move in and work on the house from there. That was always the plan and it is coming in fall. David’s plan is still on target even though I know he worries... he always comes through so I am not concerned. Very dependable fellow thank you very much.

We have some neighbors.. or will have some. Their place will be a couple of lots away from us.. there is one lot between our places and you may remember the before picture of the old cabin that was on their site.



A younger member of the family and his wife are going to build a rather large and I am sure beautiful vacation home there. They are from Chicago from we quickly learned that they are using a construction outfit from Chassell. We knew they were going to get started soon... but here was a surprise for us the other day when we pulled up to OUR OWN driveway.
I had only one thing to say. (Read quote below while shaking head in disbelief)

You are parked in my yard…
In front of My house…
Two Lots Away From Where You Are Working…

Most people can see that it was rather obvious that they were parking in someone's yard.
Yes... this is the same outfit that we found out had used OUR address to apply for building/electrical/plumbing etc permits. That was not going to be shared here but...

parked ON my wildflowers. Dude.

The truck was moved quickly… duh.

And yes people because the ground was damp after a rain
it made two dented in rows of tread marks into my front yard area by the road.

Inhale.... exhale...
ambeeleeshaw law malaa

focus... center... eject magazine... good.

Ok... this last picture is a wild daisy that is coming up along side a building at the lumber yard/hardware store in Ewen. The butterfly buzzed around past me and landed so I whipped out my camera and I think... did it right this time.

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  1. Dude, whoever drives that truck should thank his lucky stars he is still walking upright! I think the Michigan air must have a caling effect on ol' Beccarose



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