Sunday, June 29, 2008

Can't hardly keep up with Framing!

There are a lot of pictures with this post so be ready! I made them a little smaller to fit easier but you can always click on them to see the details. I will add more stories very soon. Just wanted you to see the amazing progress!

Ladies and Gentlemen
**Start your engines**

Here is the first day beginning and Dad and Cosmo marking out where to begin...

then a couple of shots while they were working

and one while waiting for the rain to stop.

Gee whiz, I am going to have to tell them when to smile. Those photos were obviously taken pre-accident. Here is the end of the first day...

and it explodes from there!

Holy smoke! I can hardly keep up! It seems giant leaps in progress have occurred every time I go out to the job site. David is absolutely beside himself that he is not in there working but he just can not do it yet. When we go out he insists on climbing around with those crutches. The doc said wait a week... and then put pressure on it. He just can't help it and I don't blame him at all it is VERY exciting to see our home growing.

Here he is in the living room with Dad.. note the view from two of the the windows by Dad and the sliding glass door area behind David. There are a matching set of windows in the other corner to the right as well.

It is wonderful watching the house come up around us! Here is the back view ... well, really the side view. You can see the basement (guestroom/office) and the middle floor (living room, kitchen, entryway), and the upstairs beginning of the loft. This side of the loft will be open to living room below and will have three windows... all facing the lake so we can see the lake from our bed.

Here are the stars of the show...

They work cheap too! Just have to feed them once in awhile and gas up their scooters.
We could not have done this without them.
Thanks Dads!


  1. WOW! You guys don't mess around. Looking great! When are you getting matching kayaks?



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