Sunday, June 1, 2008

Burn baby burn.

We have been checking every morning and waiting patiently for a burn day... finally it rained and the forest folks decided it was ok.
We got online, printed out the free permit,
and zipped out to the lake with our handy little fire starter.

Heh heh.. nah.. we really did use a match or twenty-three to light it.
No flame thrower... this time.

David got the bonfire going and then we just worked on feeding it until it burned down.

So I gloved up to get to work.. when I used to put these gloves on it was usually followed with me giving rather firm directions to:

'put your hands on your head and slowly turn around'

... or
'put your hands behind your back'

or even better
'gimme the keys to your car'

or the best of all...

Ahh those were the days! Sometimes I miss them, and sometimes I don't.

Anyway, while I put the gloves on and reminisced about my past life,
Delta decided to go frogging.

Geez, she LOVES the lake.
She heads into it every time we are there. Splashing around eating... stuff.

Then we just watched it burn...

it is kind of trippy...

Kind of hypnotic really... you just stare and stare... while it
it burned, burned,

and then really burned...

"You cursed brat!, look what you've done!, I'm melting!" .....

Just kidding.

I was playing with the photo effects on Picasa and just turned up the saturation of color a bit.
It really did burn out nicely...

It sure cleared that spot back up in front of the lake. It was a pretty big pile that was blocking the view. Its all ready for a new pile now... going to start with construction... not that we are burning that stuff only what is allowed like twigs and sticks and grass and stuff.


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