Thursday, May 29, 2008

Outside work


Me, Cosmo the Magnificent, and Delta... I was the one driving... were on our way to the Lake to take lunch to David and Jerry and I saw this fawn walking down the road! A truck had just passed along the road before me, so I bet it scared Momma Deer off and the baby was left standing alongside the road. I could hear it crying, and it could barely walk... but it knew enough to climb up off the road into taller grass where it laid down and held vewwwy vewwwy still.

"Shhh. No one sees me."

The fawn held so still I stopped the truck, closed the windows so my beasts would not escape, and ran up and to take some pictures.... and of course pet it.
It is just about Cosmo's size, her little noggin was just like his when I held it in my hand.

I made sure to keep my eyes peeled because I was afraid Momma Deer was going to sneak up behind me and kick my ass. Couldn't you just picture it? This big old doe chasing and kicking at me... yikes. How embarrassing!

I just took a few pictures and then left. I didn't want to stress it, or Momma Deer out too much. When I checked later it was gone, I am sure Momma Deer was watching me the whole time.

Jerry and David framed out the patio and with Bart and Khris Kennedy helping, they poured the cement.

Then the guys all went down the road and poured a sidewalk for Khris and Brenda. Our patio is a big patio and I think we are probably going to screen in that area so we can enjoy it without bugs... Oh, did I mention. Michigan has bugs. Apparently, this area does not have venomous spiders like we had at home, nor do they have rattlesnakes... but they have bugs.

Ahh.. if only they were this cute.

They are not cute... there are seasons of them. Now its sandflies and mosquitoes are starting.. then its mosquitoes and black flies (they bite), and then I think they die off around fall time. The little guys buzzing around now do not bite but they swarm around you... when I swallow a couple I leave the lake and go back to the house until the temperature changes a bit.

Maybe I will get some new duds... um... nah.

Oh, I found out what those big white flowers were in the woods. They are Trilliums... Trillium Grandiflorum to be more accurate. I guess they eventually turn a bit pink before they die. They are all over the place here in the big woods. Very pretty!

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