Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In on the ground floor

After what seemed like a lot of preparation, the floor slab of cement was poured. The truck was ordered a couple days ago and yesterday they showed up around 10:00 am to start the job. My froggy supervisor... who has followed me from house to house for years... watched over the operation.

Cement pouring is a lot of prep work, and then some hurry up and wait... mixed in with a do it right now kind of issues. Remember those cartoons where critters got their feet stuck in the cement? Well.. its not quite that fast but you do have to get stuff right before the mix starts to set. Anyway, I did not show up until the truck was there. The guys were standing around waiting... here is David and Dickie Bird

and here are Bart and Khris Kennedy

and then the truck arrived... right on time I might add.

I showed up on my scooter just in time to start snapping pictures as soon as the cement started to flow.

Here is David and Jerry and Dickie starting the floor.

That board is the edge of our back door! Not only is it great having Jerry there with all of his knowledge and experience, but its great having good neighbors and friends to help...
hired or not. A lot of stuff is done on trade and that is fine with us. David and Jerry will be helping Khris with a sidewalk in a couple days after we pour our patio area. David has been working so hard.
Here he is screeting or skreeting or whatever you call it. Smoothing out the cement. It is his birthday today (5/28) by the way... I gave him a nice card and baked him a cake. As far as my participation in the cement pouring and smoothing situation... I handed David a shovel and dropped a bunch of sand onto the wet cement.
Everyone just looked at me... geez...

Well anyway... David and Dickie cleaned off the equipment while Jerry and Bart Kennedy did finishing stuff. I am amazed by the trees in the background...
they have gone from sticks, to sticks with buds... to BLAMMO....
Next is the patio area. That will be poured on Thursday. We are just going to pour a cement slab for a couple of reasons. Cost, and strength under the deck as it will be supporting the deck upstairs and stability from the heaving of the freeze and melts of the snow. Its a good sized patio... and I will be planting around it. I dunno what yet.. it is all a part of my imaginary garden.

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