Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lines in the sand

Here is my first daffodil to bloom here! Yayyy!

I planted them last time we were here for a visit in the fall and they finally have popped up! I had to put a quick border up around some in the front because big trucks were sideswiping them and I would have had to wait a whole year to see them again. SO I thought to myself, ENOUGH OF THIS FOOLISHNESS! and I laid out some rocks for protection.

I am sure those MAGIC rocks will protect my precious daffodils and aliums from backhoes, cement trucks, and nearsighted sunday drivers!

I also started digging up an area for a temporary garden. It is going to be small because I will be bringing lake water up to it by atv. Also I did not place it close to the house because of all the construction that will be going on. I do not have enough magic rocks to protect it. I could skip a garden this year I suppose but I just could not stand that idea.

I have to have a garden so here is the beginnings.

I did not get to crazy about it though because we were waiting for the survey team to come and find the official property lines.
I did not want to put too much work into the garden to find out I am on the neighbors property! yikes! I would have to fork over my zucchini and tomatoes!

Well, it turns out I had plenty of room. The lines were a bit of a surprise to everyone. It seems people, for years, were measuring off of a line that was innacurate. Well, this one is an official reading and will be on file so we are pleased we did it. Making sure the property lines are accurate is very important...

I can not imagine someone building without knowing for sure. That whole adverse possession thing makes ya kinda nervous.

and this one too!

Well, I did not really find them... they obviously have been there awhile. Like the houses and barns that are left to go back to the earth, I suppose folks think automobiles are biodegradable too.
Makes for cool pics though!
And then there is me in my glamorous outfit...
You don't wanna know what I got in that pocket.

Note the whoopin' stick in my left hand. Thats for bears. Just kidding.

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