Monday, May 12, 2008

Septic day!

We went to go pick up the septic tank while Jerry and Dickie-Bird cut out the house pad. Cosmo and Delta came along.. of course. Cosmo who when he first started going for rides with us had to sit in the back because "that is where dogs should sit." Uh huh. My lumberjack is actually a Big Softie. Look where Cosmo sits now...

I don't even let him sit there! Cosmo is in dreamland thinking "hah! fooled ya. You have bent to my will! This is just the best ever!"

So here is the septic.. looking all pretty.. soon we (hopefully) will never see it again.

When we returned the pad was dug out pretty well. This is a big step for me because now I really can start to imagine the house there.

While the machinery runs I wander around and take pictures I will just add them as I find them. I just happened to find a tree with some interesting bark...(geez must have time on my hands)

and of course the fairy village.

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