Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The rest of the story...

See blog directly below to understand the "rest of the story" reference. I just finished that post too. Anyway, here are a few random pictures.

I have taken to having my dogs with me on the ATV.

They are crowded in the box I have... yes Delta crams herself in there with Cosmo the Magnificent who gets ALL pissed off because she is there...
so I am looking to adapt the whole thing for a big box in the back for her and a little one up front for him. I am going to be getting a trailer tomorrow so I can haul work stuff.

I have started at looking at a place for my garden... but look at this soil! This is near the house but the spot I ended up picking at first was not really much better. I think I finally found a spot for a temporary garden... after being there the whole summer we will be able to decide where to put a more permanent one next summer.
The last picture is a picture of the hardest working man around here. He split this wood up in his spare time. He is up first thing in the morning already talking about working and planning on the house project while he is getting dressed and loosening up his sore muscles, and then planning and plotting out the next day as he falls asleep... all to build a home for us and these beasts of ours. He is a spiffy guy if I don't say so myself.

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