Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Third times a charm

Ok.. to get all caught up I got three little stories... the first is the infamous Bruce Crossing Smelt Fry incident. Well, after we ate all the fish caught on May day we went to Bruce Crossing for a community Smelt Fry... the smelt were from Lake Michigan. And yes those who know me.. know I don't like fish. Anyway.. at the end of the meal we thought we would take a short cut through some national forest or another and see the area where Jerry first took David deer hunting. Well... the road was not quite ready for that so we buried the car up to the driver's side door.

So then we walked our smelt off for the "1/2 mile" to the blacktop. It was actually more like a couple/few miles. I can not complain to much because in the middle of the road Jerry asked me if I had a cell phone because my walkie talkie was making weird noises... well sure enough. I had my purse which I usually don't carry here, and I had my cell phone which there really is no service here. So... I turned it on, flipped it open and ... uh... service. I had to stand like a flamingo with one arm out but it worked long enough for us to call Jerry's sister to send someone to meet us at the blacktop. What amazing luck that was! David had run up ahead, and Jerry and I just wandered along until we all met up again at the road.
End of story one....

The second story is *** surprise*** another fish story! The three of us, actually I should say the 7 of us decided to go fishing. That includes Jerry, Beau, Chuck, David, Me, Delta and Cosmo the Magnificent. So we all load up in the boat and head out. It was beautiful and the dogs loved it. They wandered around the boat.
Delta quickly found her spot.

Then after Cosmo the Magnificent got done exploring

He sat up front with me and Delta.

ell, David was casting and pulled up a little fish. Delta was fascinated! He pulled it off the hook and tossed it at her like a snack. She caught it... and then froze. IT WAS STILL MOVING. The expression on her face was so clear... she was like, "uuuuuhhh.. I dunno about this..." and then she leaned forward and dropped it into the water! But now she watches like a hawk when David casts, and reels back in. She wants another try at it! In fact a couple days ago when David tried to go fishing with his Dad and just Chuck and Beau... Delta hopped across the grassy pads on the lake shore and jumped in the water and started swimming towards them in the boat! They pulled the boat back in to shore and loaded her up. She is a fishing dog! Cosmo the Magnificent just stood next to me and watched.. he was like, "whatever... you're dumb... its cold and wet."

I lied. That was only two stories. Psych... made ya look.

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