Monday, May 12, 2008

May begins... and spring?

Well, we started out May with one heck of a fish fry. Jerry, David, and Uncle Dick went fishing out on the lake and they were hitting so well they had to stop fishing!

It was a bit chilly and rainy the next day so we went for a drive to Ontonagen. Not that far and we took the backroads as usual. Cosmo road up front with the fellas....

Delta and I rode in the back. I am developing a habit of carrying around my camera with me. Its fun and with digital cameras you can take pictures to your hearts content. Just delete the crappy ones!

On one road, we probably could not find it now, we passed by this marker near an empty field. Across the street, behind the marker, were some houses. The marker noted that this particular area was one of the oldest Finnish settlements in the area. When I turned around, tucked behind a newer house there was this old one. I just had to sneak up and get a picture. Isn't it pretty!?

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