Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Whistle while you work in... in April!!

Whistle hell... shiver while you work is more like it. We arrived during a snow storm! It was mid-April for criminy sakes has no one told the U.P. yet? It did not matter cuz David's middle name is DRIVEN (not really.. its Lee) so we suited up, loaded up the dogs, and went to work starting to tear down the old cabin.

Here is a pic of us in our Spring fashion working gear:

and then here are our ferocious dog beasts. I think that little polka dotted one has the right idea. I wanted to join him.
Can you see him? He is looking out the window.. sitting on a blanket.

And then there is the puppy who is not looking so puppy-ish anymore.

Well, we started pulling nails and breaking down walls and fighting our way through the mouse/squirrel crap that is everywhere. I am wondering if we will need a cat. Hmmm... a big mean rodent killin' feline might just do the trick.

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