Saturday, May 10, 2008

Busy work

At the end of April were were trying to be patient waiting to start cutting into the ground. The house is completely down and we had thinned out a few more trees

round where the house and power lines will be. That has kept David very busy splitting wood. He is turning into a regular lumberjack

Uhh... not that kinda lumberjack... this kind
As we are going to have a woodstove we both will be doing a lot of woodchopping of one sort or another... as well as lots of stacking.

We are also starting to think seriously about placement of the house... that thought includes figuring out for sure where the property lines are.

We know where two posts are... see the picture? But they are the two edging the property near the road which makes it unclear about the boundaries near the lake. Other folks are concerned and rightfully so... David likes his chainsaw... the trees shudder and fear his shadow as he passes. So David and a neighbor two properties over are going to get the lines done. That other neighbor is going to be redoing their hunting cabin and they want to know about their lines as well... there is a wedge shaped piece of property between our lots but it would be good to know the boundaries. Good fences make good neighbors.

Anyway, I have been taking pictures of the dogs, because after all they are so beautiful, as well as random things like leaves, and looking forward to construction instead of destruction.

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