Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fireplaces, Fishers, Fishermen, Ferociousness, Fire-King, and Finds

Ok... lets get it started... today is sponsored by the letter "F". First... the Fireplace. The fireplace is completed! Jerry and David finished it and it looks great... or should I say it looks Fabulous, and Fantastic!

The woodstove will sit in front of the chimney on a slate tile looking hearth. Here is a picture of the stove.. in fact if you look closely at it this is just about what we are going to have.

The brick wall background, with a tile floor hearth that is flush with the wood floor. We like it. The bricks that make up that wall came from the old Watton School, and from a neighboring hunting camp chimney that was built in the 20's I think. We really like the look of the older brick!

Once they finished up they decided to.... guess what... go Fishing. I managed to get this picture of these two die hard Fisherman from our yard up near the house. Thats why it is so blurry it is zoomed as much as my little camera can zoom.

I almost forgot to share... while fishing the other day they saw a Fisher on the bank. A Fisher is a marten type creature. They can weigh up to 15 lbs and be about 3 feet long. He just one of the Ferocious creatures I will mention in the post today. They kill lots of stuff but interestingly along with mountain lions, they are one of the porcupines few predators. Fishers kill porcupines by jumping over the top of them back and forth... again and again making the porcupine dizzy. Meanwhile they scratch the crap out of the porcupines face so that eventually the porcupine is confused, exhausted, dizzy, and bleeds to death... then the fisher flips him over and feasts starting on the belly.
Looks kinda cute huh?

The other Ferocious creatures being discussed today are my watch Frog, who I moved to a more permanent place in the garden against the fence. Look! The grass is filling in between the rows... must have a blend with fescue in it...
(Having a bit too much frivolous fun with this theme today...)

Anyway.. the other is my guard dog Cosmo the Magnificent. Delta had gone fishing with all the guys while I was working in the garden. When Cosmo the Magnificent saw them going out in the boat he ran down to the launch and then out on one of the grass islets... oh man.. poor little guy!!! He will get to go next time. Anyway... the bears are around supposedly and it does not hurt to have one of the dogs hanging out with me while I am in the yard. Bears don't like dogs...
Ya right.. like one would not make a snack out of Cosmo.. anyway.. the dogs can not come in the garden because they walk in the beds and the veggies are too small right now. Banned once again he had to sit outside the gate. He found a sunny spot and took up his post, and tried to strike a most ferocious pose. Well.. it was just so sunny ... and it felt so good... and **yawn** he thought he would lay down for just a second. Hmmm... I was able to sneak right up on my watchbeast. Good thing I was not a bear.

After I shook him awake we walked up to go look at an old window at a neighboring camp. The owners are going to tear it down so that opened it up for salvage. I am collecting windows for a greenhouse one day. I envision walls or at least one wall made of old windows and the rest a kind of small garden shed. Smaller but kind of like this:

I am very excited about it to I might add. That is a later project though, we need somewhere to live first!!! Anyway.. as I was walking along the forest path... one I had walked many times... I noticed a metal box all rusted out between a couple trees. I almost ignored it, but then curiousity got the best of me so I thought I would check it out. I went over, tipped it, and voila' !

What a find! Inside the metal box was a perfect vintage Fire-King Jadeite coffee cup. Score! Now how do you suppose it ended up in there... in that spot... with that metal box bent around it?

And then when I saw the window leaning on the old camp for my inspection... well, lets just say it is now leaning against our shed with the other finds.

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