Thursday, June 19, 2008

Exciting times...

Well it has taken me a few days to recover… it was quite a busy Father’s Day… I called my Dad who is sooooo very groovy to wish him a happy day. He is the best Dad… geez.

Anyway… he was going with my momma, and my daughter, my sisters, my niece and nephew, and our Jeff to Blue Wing Saloon in Upper Lake, CA for a brunch. David and I were planning on taking Jerry out for steaks but then learned that there was going to be a (free) rib eye bar-b-que and potluck here in town…. at the church… after the Father’s Day service. Jerry wanted to go, so... now prepare yourselves… due to the special circumstances I set aside my normal hesitancy to attend worship indoors in an organized type church place…. and went to church. Yes… I did. Heathen that I am... and no I didn’t burst into flames when I walked through the door.

I must admit however that I engaged in my own silent remonstrance which at this point will remain undisclosed… and once the service was over (the Pastor kinda looked like Peter Jackson) I ended up enjoying the potluck and the community interaction quite a bit. I actually love that part of small towns… hanging out with the peeps and chatting with everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I find church all very interesting intellectually, and far be it from me to mess with anyone’s juu-juu... cuz well.. ya never know. But it’s just not my bag. However, it was important to Jerry and he has been doing so much for us letting us live here and all, and helping us with building our house.

Anyway, I made a broccoli salad to contribute to the potluck. I blended three different recipes taking my favorite part out of each. It went over well. The key? Well, keep in mind that some people... actually probably many people do not like raw broccoli. It’s a pretty damn serious vegetable for non-veggie eaters… I like it but the salad was not for me. Well, the key is to blanch the broccoli, for 1 minute and 1 minute only. Seriously, set the damn timer! And as soon as the timer goes off, drain the broccoli and put all of it into ice water immediately. Blanching it also has the side benefit of making it bright green! This actually would be good with chicken added or flank steak... mmm.

I have been trying to bring some sort of vegetable to these potlucks and I particularly try to find a recipe without mayonnaise. We are in the Midwest here so there is meat, white colored salads of one kind or another (even fruit salads turn white somehow) and then very sweet deserts. All very delicious but I feel my blood sugar rise, and my ass grow just at the thought of it all.

Speaking of asses, David, Jerry, Larry, and Dickie Bird dug out and connected the septic system. HA HA! Boy did that did not come out right! I meant the ‘asses’ comment to refer to the septic system not the guys! The inspector has been out and it passed. Note I did not make any disclaimer having to do with asses and the inspector.

Anyhoo… another big step out of the way!

I painted the tar on the part of the block walls that will be underground and we started to fill the whole back in. The dogs were very helpful, Delta came out of it all with racing stripes of tar down her nose.

No I was not being lazy... the tar is drawn the way the dirt will be filled back in because #1 of drainage issues, and #2 there is a hill with my little atv road just to the right out of sight in that picture. I'm a poet.

There has been a ton of dragonflies around lately. I caught a picture of one on the scaffolding.

Lot of good news!

My Daddy-O and Momma are coming tomorrow! They are going to stay for a couple weeks. They will get to see where we live and work. Nice of us to invite them out for a ‘vacation’ huh! They will be staying at a fishing resort right down the road from us. I am looking very forward to them being here! I can not wait to get my daughter out to see things...

Oh and by the way, you may want to keep tuned in to this channel as there may be some interesting news soon... not about me but for someone I know.

Here is a **spoiler**

Wonder if you can guess?

Patience grasshopper! Come back in a couple days to see if you guessed right!

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