Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Plugging along

The dogs and I rode out to the lake to bring lunch and to see how the guys were doing this morning... and look what we found! They have been very busy worker bees!


How cool is that! It is absolutely amazing how fast it seems to be going... even considering the help that they have had. However, most of the work has been the two of them busting their tails. Well, I must mention that they do have a few little helpers... For example, Cosmo the Magnificent just can't seem to stay out of the mix. Here are a few photos of Coz helping David out...

Yes he really was helping digging. He saw David screening the sand out of the big pile with his shovel so he went over and started to dig out the same spot David had been using. The sand was flying out behind him. Unfortunately, it was not flying far enough to reach the screen. Like I said... a lot of help.

I don't want to say that things are going fast too loudly, just in case the Construction gods hear and decide to give us bad weather, or something to shut down the work.

Well... I got to thinking about it... ummm, maybe a little too much... and I am thinking the Construction gods may look more like this:

Anyway... Here is a good view of the house so that you can see the size of the downstairs patio. It is almost half the size of the house! And above it will be the deck so we have a lot of outside seating area to enjoy our view.

I can not tell you how much I look forward to sitting out there with David and the dogs enjoying our home and view of the lake.

Delta had a bit of an incident yesterday. Chuck and Beau took off after a squirrel or a chipmunk yesterday and she thought she would give chase too! However, being a large puppy she is a bit clumsy still and she did not notice the upturned blue wheelbarrow and ran smack into it! She hit her eye/cheekbone area full on. She cried out and even left a bit of fur on the wheelbarrow...

Note I am having a hard time with the center focus on my camera. It is hard to see that clump of fur there even with the help of my lovely arrow. Makes the center of the wildflower photos I take blurry. I am sure its something I am doing wrong... I am working on it.


Poor 'little' thing... she has a big ole mark on her eye.

Hope it heals ok, just glad it did not hurt her eye.
Curse those chipmunks! Devious little bastards! Ya gotta watch out for them.

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