Sunday, June 8, 2008

Different perspectives

It is funny how different things look depending on the perspective you have at the time. When we drew the plans for our house we measured it against the apartment we had been living in. We agreed the house was, on one hand, a small house. However, on the other hand it was bigger than our apartment at the time and that apartment size suited us fine. In that apartment there were two bedrooms, one and 1/2 baths, a laundry room, kitchen area and living area. The "office" was actually within the kitchen area.

Well, our new home has two bedrooms, two baths, a laundry room, kitchen area and living area... but it also has a huge patio, and a huge deck, a mudroom and the office area is included in a completely separate 'living room' space downstairs.

Then the other day, after David laid the footing and poured the pad, we looked at it and thought oh my... the rooms are so small... We got a little concerned.

But then the walls started going up and we said oh no its not too small... look now... this is so much bigger than it seemed before.

I think we are just so excited we try to visualize the entire house from each individual block, brick, and board. In the end, we of course made the right choice. The house will be perfect for us and our purposes. We will have extra room for guests and extra room for ourselves... it is after all larger than where we were living before and this will be our home. A home that David built for the uh.. four of us.

We have been trying to research trees for the front of the house. Like we are not surrounded by maple trees! Anyway... for the front yard we thought a nice ornamental tree would be good. We have gone back and forth between non-fruiting plums, pears, etc. Then we started thinking about trees that would give fruit. We have definitely not decided yet, but the other day we went snooping to a house in the next township that had caught on fire and burned to the ground.

Jerry was familiar with the people... who at the time of the fire were out to dinner and when they came home, they came home to a destroyed home left with only the clothes on their backs.

We walked around looking at the fire, feeling great compassion for the victims... and then as we were leaving... with a different set of eyes we noticed a cherry tree in the front yard. I took several pictures of it... all the time hoping the neighbors across the way did not think I was being a ghoul and photographing the owners burnt out home. Their tree caught my eye and I pointed it out to David. Looking back at the photographs, I don't know how the tree could not have caught our eyes because it was a large cherry tree in full bloom except that we walked right past it without noticing on our way to see the ruins. I suppose our minds were elsewhere when we arrived.

I think I figured out how to take flower pictures without the blurry center... aren't you glad? ::smirk:: My Polaroid little digital camera has a portrait mode. How fancy. One for men and one for women... not sure what the difference would be. It supposedly focuses on the face and blurs out background. Well, I was on my scooter the other day and thought I would change the mode and take some pictures of the wildflowers I keep seeing on our rides. Changing the view selection a little bit seems to have corrected the problem.


And now for you Lord of the Rings fans... I stumbled across a small Ent. I drive past him all the time and had never noticed him. He was very quiet... but I slowed down my scooter the other day and with a second look...I noticed him sitting there quietly on an old trunk. Just glad he did not jump up and come after me.

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