Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Days! Did you guess right?

Well it is happy days... especially when you get emails like this:

"Got married in my red tennis shoes under a Magnolia tree on Low Gap road. My husband and I smiled and cried as we said our vows. Took five minutes.
Happy days!

On our way to FB.

Love you guys!"

What great news! My sister Brooke and her beau Jeff ran off and eloped!

Isn't that wonderful and romantic! I wondered how many of you guessed correctly. Of course, obviously it was not a huge surprise... we knew something was bubbling and we could not be happier. First of all Brooke is happy, the kids are happy, and Jeff is a wonderful man.

In case you did not get what the heck this picture was about...
they are 'two peas in a pod'. Geez.

So now with great pomp and circumstances...
I would like to introduce
for the first time anywhere
(almost) ...

Mr. and Mrs. Wisenheimer!!!!

heh. No just kidding. That's not them....
Here they are looking pretty pleased with themselves
and eachother....

Jeff and Brooke Wiedenfeld

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