Friday, June 6, 2008


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miscellaneous collected writings, papers, or objects.

This is just going to be a mixed bag full of stuff I wanted to post but not sure why.

First, I can not remember if I showed you the beaver forest.

This was about half of what they had done, if you look in the background across this little lake you can see the beaver house. One of the reasons they decided to take this forest is because they were building a condo with two entries. Yes.. it really had two entries. I took this while I was by the backdoor and David is sitting up by the front. Look how big it is! Dang.

There are forest type wildflowers all over the place and they are sure different from the California wildflowers I am used to seeing sprinkled around the oaks. I am having a bit of a hard time learning how to get my camera to focus on them up close. I have tried several things and will keep trying... hell I might even get the little book out. Its a pretty basic camera but I have a feeling it is human error. I don't know which human but I am going to keep trying. These things are all over the forest floor. They look like tiny miniature hosta plants/leaves and they have these little flowers in the center that are all spazzy.

This actually was an ok picture because the flower part is all over the place spiny firework looking. (the latin description). These are not so wild, this is up by Jerry and Karen's house and I am pretty sure they are garlic chives...
and then this last one is a flower that seems to be growing nearer to the lake but up out of the forest carpet of mulch. You can see what I mean real good on this one when I say the center focus is not right. These also grow right next to those mini hosta things.. that rounded leaf there is one of those.
I am very dubious about my garden... it has been so cool and while I am following the natives lead I did not put things out in the ground until just the other day, it seems so late. I may get plants but I am having a hard time believing it will enough time in the ground for the plants to cycle through and give veggies. We will see. Meanwhile I started another garden in Jerry's usual planting spot behind one of the south facing garages.

You can see I am trying out the tomato tipis on a tomato plant and a pepper plant. I got the tipis and the row covers from Gardener's Supply. These tipis and the row covers are a new thing for me. Figured I better incorporate some cold weather gardening ideas.

While digging around we have come across numerous bottles. Some are pretty trippy.
I did not add the pictures of the 50's type rounded pepsi bottles we found near... well I won't lie... actually in the lake. Apparently, way back in the day dropping bottles and cans and stuff into the lake was one way to get rid of stuff. When standing on shore... actually when standing right on top of the little island, you can not see it thank goodness... but inside the patch of grass the island it is actually supported by bottles and cans. Over the years dirt and grass built up over the top of it. That does not matter, I must say it irritates me to no end. Some of the glass had broken and with the dogs down there playing they risk being cut. Delta has already had a couple cuts on her feet from glass she has stepped on out in the woods and there in the water. David pulled as much as he could out, but the rest is buried there. But... as far as those pepsi bottles, we saw them on ebay so... that is where they might end up. The picture above is a pretty shot, it is in the window of the shed. Here is a close up shot of one of the bottles... now this works why can't I get those damn flowers.

I hung my chimes out on one of the little maple trees broken branches. It sounds so pretty with the sounds of the forest and then these medium deeper chimes going once in awhile.

Mixed bag... again
This collage below looks like one of those kid games where you move the squares around... the one with one missing and you are supposed to straighten them out. Geez I hate those things. These pictures are from the two old hunting camps near us. The first one has a brick chimney. Note those bricks.. the next time they will be seen will be in my house. Then that rock chimney which is so cool.. I sure wish that would fall down like the cabin did, and then the owner tell me I can have the rocks for my garden. The others are just remnants of the camps. I was experimenting with the sepia. Oh.. and there is my David the Lumberjack.

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