Monday, June 2, 2008

Turtle and the Hares

We went to town on Sunday to get groceries, and go to the movies etc. Took a backroad and came across a big snapping turtle crossing the road.

He was pretty big, about 12" give or take a few plates across! His tail has the ridges on it like a dinosaur. If you look at the larger picture he even has ridges down his legs. Very cool. It was a pretty trip except if one had the idea that they might stop along side the road and water the plants one would have to be prepared to be attacked by mosquitoes. Not speaking from experience or anything... there were signs along the way.. literally that might have hinted at the depth of the mosquito issue...

should have paid attention to that, taken it all a little bit more seriously... brought some buggie spray or one of those damn suits I mentioned earlier. We are goona get yellow fever or Malaria or something. Maybe those are the same thing...

Anyway... we had a good time, went to see Iron Man and loaded up on groceries for a few weeks. We walked the dogs along the waterfront.

Hmm.. dirty dog hair covered men's sweatshirts are not very flattering.
Going to have to make a mental note about that one.

A lot of people were out and about, and I got a good picture of one of the old mines in the area. I dunno if its copper or iron.. either way its a ghost mine now. This river runs between the two towns and the mines built both of them. The old, and now empty brick buildings throughout the towns are very nice. It must have been a bustling area.

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